New Year’s 2006

I was planning on writing a year end summary of my training and racing for the year 2005 and possibly my goals for 2006, but I got preoccupied with a project that had the hallmarks of an endurance event. The project took me a couple of hours everyday day over the course of a week to complete. It was tedious, tiresome, frustrating and only marginally rewarding. I used up all the time I had for writing in the pursuit of this project.

I stuck with it, because I pretty much had no choice. My children expected me to complete it and I couldn’t leave it unfinished. Basically, I built the Empire State Building from the Landmarks of the World Erector set.

This is a toy with a recommended age of 8+ years old. I would love to meet the 8 year old that would have been capable of following the instructions and displaying the dexterity to complete such a thing. My fingers were rubbed raw and my patience on edge as I tried to build this thing in time for the New Year.

I finished it on New Years Day and we capped it off with a miniature King Kong. This was very fitting since we all saw King Kong at the movies the night before.

I was hoping to begin 2006 with another strong week of training. However on New Years Eve day, I woke up with the feeling of Bronchitis in my chest and the occasional hacking up of green goop. This is very annoying. I was finally getting my training back into gear and I just hit another bump in the road. There is no way you can train through Bronchitis, unless you want to make yourself sicker. I did a ride on New Years Day, but by the end my chest was starting to feel very congested. I probably should have taken off.

I hate when I get sick and have to miss training. I get all out of sorts and start to feel depressed. It is not how I want to start the New Year. Then again, maybe I am just depressed because I have to go to work tomorrow after a week off and it reminds me from when I was a kid and had to go back to school.

January 2, 2006   1 Comment