Struggling Along

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Neil -

I rode for 80 minutes today on the trainer. I did the workout almost as you prescribed. For some reason, I couldn’t hold form for the 1 legged drills for more than 2 minutes, so I stopped it at the 2 minute mark for each leg. I repeated this 3 times. I kept my heart rate low throughout. You can see exactly how the workout went from my attached Polar file.

I say struggling along in the subject line, because I am battling a major case of depression ever since the start of the New Year. I haven’t felt right since I backed off from my training when I developed Bronchitis again. Tomorrow should be a telling day as it is the first sort of big workout day – Bike/Run/Swim. Hopefully, I won’t be too tired around noon, as I am speaking at a real estate industry conference. Hopefully also, I won’t make a fool out of myself. I am sitting on a panel and the subject matter is “Innovative Broker Strategies”. I have no fucking idea of what I am going to say, but I usually react well under pressure.

I am not sure if I am still sick with Bronchitis. Every now and then I cough up some phlegm and it is slightly discolored. It is coming more from the back of my throat, rather than my chest. Maybe, I am just possessed by an evil spirit. Most likely that is not true, but thinking the worst possible case and finding out that is not true should prove to be a major relief when you find out the cause is something less insidious.

January 10, 2006   1 Comment