Two Thumbs Up for Global Warming

If global warming means calm 50 degree temperatures in the middle of a New York City winter, then I am all for it. It gets two thumbs up from me. It is great to be able to ride outdoors in January, rather than being trapped on the trainer in my basement.

Today’s great weather inspired a great ride from me. I felt as good as I can remember feeling in a long time. My power, cadence and heart rate were all indicating good numbers, which echoed the way I was feeling. If anything I had to concentrate on taking it down a notch instead of trying to spur myself to pick it up.

The only negative for the day was that I stopped my ride short from the amount I was supposed to do. For some reason I thought I was only to go 50 miles and when I clicked off my 51st mile I headed home. I feeling good enough to go more, but I didn’t want to push it. Turns out I should have pushed it, as I would have got in the 60 miles I was supposed to do. Hopefully, inadvertently cutting my ride short won’t ruin my upcoming Triathlon season.

Ride Stats:
Time: 2:55:05
HR: 145/163
Distance: 51.4
Cadence Avg: 99
Average Temperature: 48 Degrees
Power: 256/520
Pedaling Index (how round): 25/73
Left/Right Balance: 50/50
Calories: 2287

January 21, 2006   1 Comment