Calming Effect

Due to my lack of exercise this morning, I found myself around the lunch hour feeling nervous and cooped up. I desperately needed to get out of my office and do something, but I wasn’t sure what I could do. Eventually I decided to say damn the rain and went out for a lunch time run around Central Park.

It is really no wonder why people tend to feel calm after exerting themselves in exercise. The energy required to move your body sucks out the pent up excess leaving you too fatigued to feel nervous or worry when you finished. To make extra sure this would happen to me, I pushed myself around the lower 5 of the park at a crisp marathon pace.

When I returned to my office building, I stood outside feeling calm and pleasant. I distinctly felt a bit naked wearing just a sleeveless running shirt and short running shorts. Everyone around me was wearing an extra layer due to the cool breezes and slight rain. I just stood around in clothes that were skimpier than basic underwear and T-shirts. I really didn’t care and just hung around the sidewalk along Madison Avenue while all the suits, skirts and coats walked by. Eventually several coworkers came across me and pondered about my sanity. It was the best I felt all day.

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1 Brooklyn { 05.17.06 at 7:32 pm }

I hear ya.