This morning I was presented with no rain or flat tires to prevent me from getting to the pool. It is a perfectly clear, calm and beautiful day. It was such that I had to stop to take a picture of the sunrise as viewed from the Manhattan Bridge. In the background you can see the Williamsburg Bridge. The other picture is a view towards Manhattan. If only it was this perfect everyday, I am sure I would have much less trouble getting myself out the door in the morning.

My swim was also as close to perfection as it gets for me. My coach was there and he remarked how I was starting to look like a swimmer. The pool was configured for long course meters and I was hitting 500’s on the 10 minute mark over the span of 4000 meters. It was the best and longest I’ve swam all year. I am starting to feel like an Ironman again; at least in the water. Now I just have to get myself into cycling shape.

My one complaint for the swim was the couple of zombie swimmers who entered my lane. I just cringe when I get a snorkel swimmer paddling along side me. At one point I was trying to pass one of these sea slugs when a person in the opposite direction towing a pull buoy approached. As we went by each other, my left arm scraped alongside the buoy causing an annoying abrasion. It looks small but the sucker stung. I hoped the stinging chlorine would disinfect it so I wouldn’t get a case of flesh eating bacteria.

Tomorrow Todd is promising me an ass whooping as we once again head for Harriman State Park. He can kick my ass all over the place tomorrow as I know I’ll do the ass kicking when it really counts.