May 22, 2006 – Subway Observations

I noticed on the subway car this morning a sign announcing the Holiday Bonus from the MTA. This is a discount on the subway and bus fares between Thanksgiving and New Years. Oddly enough, a mother was on the train this morning with her daughter who was holding a snow sled. Perhaps winter will come early this year.

If so, then I suggest to the woman sitting opposite me that she refrain from tweezing her chin/neck hairs as they would undoubtedly offer her an extra layer of warmth.

Sorry. This is gross, but I felt I had to share.


1 Morrissey { 05.22.06 at 1:54 pm }

LOL! gross indeed! what about the “in-your-face-and-no-shame” nose pickers?!!?! :o )

2 Brooklyn { 05.22.06 at 7:37 pm }

that gave me a laugh… talk about the usefulness of cell phone cameras.