Bumps in the Road

The key through making it through a race or life in general is getting through the tough times.  We all hit bumps in the road.  Sometimes we go over them, other times around them and when necessary avoid the bumpy road altogether.  Bumps in the road can cause damage if they are not navigated carefully.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the bumpy road.  What excitement would life be even everything was smooth sailing? 

I think we tend to remember more about the times we travelled the bumpy road.  Those times hopefully bring out the best in us and were probably the more exciting.  When I think back to the FC508, the time I remember most was a 17 mile climb and 20 mile descent on a road that had the consistency of baked rocks in dirt.  It was brutally bumpy for 37 miles and made for an unpleasant experience.  However, I laugh about it now and I remember that section more than any other.  It brought out my riding skills more than any other section and the memory of it is infused in my mind.  I don’t remember a thing about the easy sections.

If only everything in life was as pleasurable and exciting as doing a race.  I enjoy being an ultra endurance athlete because it tests me in ways that the short stuff just can’t match.  Yes, a very hard and fast short effort brings out the pain and pleasure of a job well done.  However, I feel those moments are fleeting, causing the speedsters to seek many of these shorter challenges.  How can you remember all of them though?  The long stuff has an opportunity to get pushed into your long term memory over the course of the event.  But life is not all about racing… It’s about working and earning a living, raising a family and dealing with your day to day responsibility.

Sometimes we take a turn onto the wrong road or a storm blows in, knocking a tree into our path, tearing up the asphalt or some other calamity happens causing us to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Hopefully our experiences in life have given us the tools, the mental faculty, to work through these issues and navigate the hazards that lie before us with minimal injury.  If we don’t have that knowledge within us, then it’s those times we look towards outside resources to assist.  You need to have been smart enough to bank those resources so that they are available to you in the future.

A resource could be a parent, friend, god, book, society or anything really that can impart the knowledge or lend a helping hand upon us to make it through our tough times.  In my case I recently turned to my father to ask him to send me advice I could use to make it through my own difficult times.  Of course, he is quite dead, so he needed to go through extraordinary measure to send me his wisdom.  I believe he did so by sending to me several friends at the right time all of which had insightful things to say to me.  Their words are helping me to navigate through the bumps in the road and show me that once I get to the end of it, there are new roads for me to explore.  Those new roads may be bumpy as well, but at least it will be something different.

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